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His friends think Parker is crazy for believing that Al Green's new album will bring fractured families back together upon it's release. He makes a documentary about the difficulty African American families face in staying together and we see several couples navigate pregnancy, commitment, communication and fatherhood. Will Al Green's music prove to enchant, awaken and inspire the streets of Brooklyn... and the world?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thank You Oakland!

I did a lot of growing up in Oakland.  I took a year off from college and spent it in Oakland, working at a daycare center, playing capoeira and living with my father after being separated for ten years.  After graduating from UC Santa Cruz, I moved to Oakland and lived there for four more years, immersed in the Oakland Renaissance, performing spoken word with Ten Poets Plus A Mic, interning at Bay Area Video Coalition, and gearing up to make my first feature film in Cuba, Cubamor.  So needless to say, I have LOVE for OAKLAND... ALL DAY!  So what a blessing to have a two day run at the New Parkway Cinema to packed houses and epic Q n A session.  Thursday's Q n A went past midnight and we were asked to leave and folks continued on the sidewalk, and Sunday's went on for 90 minutes!!!!  Thankfully, the run has been documented by the illustrious Oakland Local news.

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