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His friends think Parker is crazy for believing that Al Green's new album will bring fractured families back together upon it's release. He makes a documentary about the difficulty African American families face in staying together and we see several couples navigate pregnancy, commitment, communication and fatherhood. Will Al Green's music prove to enchant, awaken and inspire the streets of Brooklyn... and the world?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Let's Stay Together" themesong singer, Iyadede in MTV Iggy

I met Iyadede outside of SOBs after J Davey had an incredible performance there on steamy summer night in July of 2008. She told me her name was Sabrina and she was from Rwanda via Belgium. I asked her what her Rwandan name was and she said, "Iyadede," and I've refused to call her anything but Iyadede ever since. As our friendship has grown, I've shot a live performance for her and interviewed her for the Caribbean Cultural Center. I knew I wanted to collaborate with her in "Let's Stay Together," and had her come play a young mother with her daughters in the laundry mat. She also sang a version of "Let's Stay Together," that I made into the opening song for the film. It has a real bluesy, ethereal vibe and sets the tone for Parker's search for solutions to the dissolution of family.
here's Iyadede in MTV IGGY:
Rwandan Electopop It Girl Iyadede Falls to Earth

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